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SKIN JET® is Quality and Success

The developing work of Mrs. Krystyna J. Komender is supported by the cooperation with numerous experienced derma-tologists and scientists in Germany as well as in Europe. The numerous treatment results as well as product effects are proven by dermatological studies with certificates by Prof. Dr. med. Rudolf Schopf, University of Mainz Skin Clinic, Prof. Dr. med. Reiner Scherer, Munich, Dr. med. Pierre Foss, Wadern, and DERMATEST® Dr. med. Werner Voss, Muenster. All products and devices are produced in Germany – Darmstadt.

SKIN JET® is idealism, philosophy and the motto:

“Everything in the service of beauty!”

  1. Development, production and sale of high quality products and devices for medical, aesthetical, cosmetical and SPA/med.-wellness purposes at the production place in Darmstadt/Germany.
  2. The professional and versatile SKIN JET programmes cover all areas of the practice treatment from head to toe and anti-aging, considering body modelling, bodily sufferings and well-being.
  3. Elite Health & Aesthetic Academy
    International training for doctors, managers, the cosmetics sector and its personnel. Separate training as “Master of SPA & Medical Wellness”.
  4. Counselling/coaching, advertising and marketing
  5. Practice and treatment psychology
  6. Customer service
  7. World Consulting supported by expert board
  8. Pro journalist
  9. Interior design and practice design

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BEAUTY FORUM                                  Award 2008

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques              Award 2010

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