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SKIN JET in the med., physio and cos. practice

The SKIN JET programs, developed by the anti-aging and cos.-med. expert Mrs. Dr. Krystyna Komender and the SKIN JET med. expert team, support modern-day dermatology, aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery as well as cosmetics and the important phase of necessary pre- and post-operation aftercare.

The anchoring of SKIN JET device and product systems leads to a natural influencing and activation of the bio-physio systems within tissue and organs.

Numerous methods are unique, also successfully applied separately or serve as modular interval treatment, e. g. fresh scars, rosacea, keratosis, psoriasis, neurodermitis.

The pain-free, gentle but deeply effective SKIN JET methods optimise significantly every course of treatment and the treatment results.

Health repair effect is guaranteed.

Product concepts and continuing measures guarantee long-lasting results. The extensive SKIN JET programs are designed in such a way that they can offer individual problem solutions from head to toe for each and every patient.