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Device Methods

Numerous, unique in the world pioneering works of Mrs. Dr. K. Komender and the SKIN JET med. expert board in the device as well as product sector have received highest recognition due to the specialisation on keeping the cells healthy and cell reconstruction. Only a multi-functional, synergetically and at the same time on the cells themselves effective system guarantees for a long-time health & repair result.

On the basis of the natural repair activation processes and a positive cell-shock-therapy according to the method developed by Mrs. Dr. K. Komender there now will be help for all people with problems.

The secret of success lies in the connection of the world-wide recognised, anchored to one another SKIN JET device methods, like:

Abrasio Forms

Stages of Treatment:

  • removal of the epidermal layer, opening of the skin
  • loosening of the tissue and activation of the lymph function
  • deep transfer of molecules of special dermaceuticals
  • multi-functional effect of the US-MAG or MESOQUANTUM® with additional red & blue light

Most modern high-technology, deep effectiveness, very high intensity of treatment, proven by numerous dermato-logical studies, guarantee for the success in the practice and home treatment.

The newest findings in epidermal skin treatment as well as results of studies of long years prompted the abrasio & meso expert Mrs. Dr. K. Komender to develop a new system for the removal of the stratum corneum (wet abrasio / ABRAHYDRI®) with the highest demands of the customers/patients in mind. At the same time the additional, support-ing measures, like US-MAG or MESOQUANTUM® non-invasive mesotherapy, have been modernised and expanded by the red & blue light effect.

On this basis a pioneering treatment method as yet unique in the world for medicine, aesthetics, cosmetics, physio-therapy and medical wellness has been developed.

The pleasant sensations on the skin, the exclusiveness of treatment as well as good treatment results are guaranteed.

Intelligent care today,
enjoy tomorrow …