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Device Program


ABRAHYDRI® Wet Abrasio & Co.

Types of Devices

Geraete Abrahydri 1 Forte        Geraete Abrahydri 2 Priority     Geraete Abrahydri 3 Trans

Ref. 211 ABRAHYDRI® Forte                            Ref. 216 ABRAHYDRI® Priority                               Ref. 217 ABRAHYDRI® Trans


Geraete Abrahydri 4 Trans Body
Ref. 218 ABRAHYDRI® Trans Body



Additional types of devices as special order:
Ref. 216-1 ABRAHYDRI® Spezial A
Ref. 216-2 ABRAHYDRI® Spezial B


ABRA-MEGATRANS® Dry Abrasio & Co.

Types of Devices

Geraete AbraMegatrans


Ref. 255-1 ABRA-MEGATRANS® Forte

Ref. 255-3 ABRA-MEGATRANS® Priority

Ref. 255-5 ABRA-MEGATRANS® Multifunktion

Ref. 255-6 ABRA-MEGATRANS® Body


Additional type of device as special order:
Ref. 255-31 ABRA-MEGATRANS® Spezial

TRANSCELL® MESO Non-Invasive Mesotherapy

Types of Devices

Geraete Transcell 553

Geraete Transcell 554

Ref. 553 TRANSCELL® MESO with 1 MESO head                                       Ref. 554 TRANSCELL® MESO with 2 MESO heads