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General information about the ABRAHYDRI® method

Revolutionary, non-invasive method of the future

SKIN JET research on the highest level of technology opens up new ways in cosmetical-medical treatment with different forms of ABRAHYDRI® devices.

What does ABRAHYDRI® & Co. mean?

The unique bio-mega wet abrasio with 5 functions is supported by other systems contained in the device, like VPL-Massage, US-MAG or MESOQUANTUM® non-invasive mesotherapy with additional red & blue light effect.

How does the ABRAHYDRI® bio-mega wet abrasio without crystals or diamonds work?

The removal of the stratum corneum and the opening of the skin is reached by reactions of the rolling, dissolving Abrasio Tabs and the water-air-rotation. The epidermal part is evenly and deeply removed in lines 1,5 cm wide. The skin instantly shows an even smoothness and 25% improvement in skin structure after 5 min. of treatment (DERMATEST®).

Due to the Tabs concentrations it is possible to treat the skin in different intensities.

The 5 simultaneously effective functions contained in the abrasio part:

removal, dissolving, anti-septic, hydration and bio-Lifting

significantly improve the treatment results.

Advantages of the ABRAHYDRI® method

  • by means of the electronic control the depth of treatment can be regulated according to skin problem
  • very pleasant sensation of the skin, thereby higher acceptance of the customers/patients
  • higher treatment results (25%) in comparison to other forms of peeling
  • is effective in areas where other methods fail or intolerances occur
  • better possibilities of treatment in the area of: eyes, neck-décolleté, bosom as well as striae, younger skin, scaling so-called psoriasis or keratosis
  • stimulates biochemical and physiological processes in a natural way
  • no sensibilisation of the skin, higher degree of tolerance
  • additional treatment advantage due to the contained lymph massage
  • no scraping of the skin, but even removal
  • constitutes a replacing factor or interval treatment for fruit acid, anti-wrinkle or laser therapy
  • very low consumption of material, service hardly necessary, easy handling and clean working process

Treatment results:

The skin appears visibly fresh, clean, full and smooth with strongly flattened skin structure as well as deeply reduced small wrinkles, without any irritations or other post treatment reactions. The cool, moist feeling stays for a longer time. Overall the results are very good and as of now world-wide uniquely acknowledged and accepted.

25% improvement in skin structure after 5 min. of face treatment (DERMATEST®)

Before treatment                                                                                After treatment

Patient 2 a vorher
Patient 2 b nachher


The deep supply of the cells after the abrasio method is of great importance. Within the SKIN JET treatment method additional, supporting mechanisms significantly improve the quality of treatment and thereby the treatment results.


3 different, deep kinds of massage, simultaneously effective, similar to the ”connective tissue massage“, with several programs for instant loosening of the tissue, lymph activation and removal, blood circulation, oxygen supply provide for very fast, pleasant reactions. The VPL-Massage is of great importance in anti-wrinkle, anti-aging methods, prepar-ation of the tissue for wrinkle injection, pain therapy and holistic mesotherapy for all problems from head to toe.

Areas of application:

Face/mimic wrinkles, eye region, bad skin, skin tending to acne, bio-lifting, smoker skin, hair loss, all kinds of pain (headache, muscles, joints etc.), lymph congestion, cellulite, striae, leg/feet problems, post-operation system, modular method for wrinkle injection, exclusive medical wellness methods.


Innovative combination of ultrasound and magnetic field with multiplied frequencies for the transport of molecules and the activation of all biochemical and physiological processes within the skin.


Non-invasive mesotherapy with intensive accumulation and multiplication of low & high frequencies (patented) and additional red & blue light effect optimises and increases significantly the treatment results. In a natural way an instant loosening of the tissue, lymph activation/removal, opening of the channels – porototion – and increasing of the molecular permeability are achieved.

Expanded treatment programs:

anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, eye region, head area, loss of hair, anti-pain, couperosis, neurodermitis, rosacea, keratosis, psoriasis, pre- and post-operation treatment, fresh scars, open wounds (according to the method developed by Mrs. Dr. K. Komender) as well as bodyforming, anti-cellulite, fat reduction, legs/feet problems, influencing of the inner organs etc.