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Advantages of the innovative SKIN JET US-MAG MESOQUANTUM® method

Deeper, more efficient, more successful

The unique development of US-MAG MESOQUANTUM® is a patented system for a deep, safe and problem-free working process on body, head and face as well as for maximum molecule transfer. MESOQUANTUM® as non-invasive mesotherapy in combination with simultaneously effective low and high frequencies guarantees for higher treatment results and optimises the skin appearance for a long time. Therefore the following advantages might occur:

  • better ability of oscillation
  • better compatibility of the material with the piezo-swinger
  • 70% more power density
  • no oxidation like with metal heads
  • no metal allergies
  • better skin tolerance and better reactions
  • shorter working time
  • better efficiency of the treatment
  • more precise transfer of molecules
  • no development of heat, therefore no damage to the tissue
  • permanent use of ultrasound is possible
  • interchangeable 2 systems US-MAG and MESOQUANTUM® by plug-in contact

The additional red & blue light effect included in MESOQUANTUM® provides for the targeted application with many skin problems.

The positive effects of the SKIN JET multi-functions

The simultaneous multi-functional application may have the following positive effects:

  • loosening of the tissue
  • reduction of blockings
  • activation of tissue metabolism, detoxication and purging process
  • enhancement of blood flow
  • improvement of the vascular system
  • stimulation of the lymph flow
  • strengthening of the immune system
  • improved muscle relaxation
  • improvement of bone density, of cartilage-bone structure
  • pain relief
  • normalising of the function and the balance of the organs
  • stabilising and enhancing of the well-being of body and soul and efficiency
  • improvement of oxygen absorption and cell supply
  • improvement of blood building
  • harmonising of the vegetative nervous system
  • anti-irritating and anti-inflammatory
  • efficient and deeper transport of molecules
  • intra- and extra-cellular massage
  • activation of the lipolysis process
  • anti-oedema effect
  • activation of collagen and elastin