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Eye Region

Eyes are the mirror of the soul!

As a very important topic the eye region and the search for efficient solutions remain in the focus of discussion.

Regardless if it deals with laughter lines, fine lines/wrinkles, age-related changes in tissue, crow’s feet, oedema, venous problems, so-called “blue eyes”, loosened, atrophic, parchment-like skin – these symptoms change the facial features and the youthful appearance. The eye region appears tired and aged.

Increasing problems of women in menopause or climacteric, often linked to many other changes, lead to more and more studies and developments of successful treatment systems.

Of great importance is the consideration of the sensitivity of the eyes and therefore the special combination of non-eye-irritating active substances as well as pluripotent reactions and versatile supply for this area.

Mrs. Dr. med. K. Komender, as anti-aging expert with the experience of long years, has developed many non-invasive treatment systems in order to present optimal results.

Possibilities of treatment:

  • in case of normal signs of age of the tissue
  • in case of problematic eye region
  • as prevention, as bio-lifting
  • after eye lifting
  • in addition to wrinkle fillers

The eye system is always regarded as a double package: The respective dermaceutical as home care combined with the treatments in the practice.


New Age with the new Med.-Eye-Cult-Care 2h

Considering all demands of modern people as well as their aesthetic eye area being in the focus, Mrs. Dr. med. K. Komender has developed a new lift-formula for clear, awake and youthful appearance of your eye region.

Thereby the ALFA ACTIVE EYE formula revolutionizes the new-age method by being two-time effective: instantly in 2 h and in case of daily application with long-term effect.

aae-1-auge-vorher                                   aae-2-auge-nachher

XEP™-018 before                                                                     XEP™-018 2 h after

both deluxe-products (ALFA ACTIVE EYE CREME + MASK) also available as set

Accompanying product:

The revolutionary ALFA ACTIVE EYE lift-formula is anchored to the most jet-effective biomimetic 018-Conopeptide similar to the molecule of cone snail venom.

Goal and result of the application is not only an instant relaxation of the muscles – similar to the botulinum effect but without blocking them – but it also is additionally effective as strong cell & lymph activator for efficient end results with long-term effect.

In the duo-system, ALFA ACTIVE EYE CREME & ALFA ACTIVE EYE MASK are regarded as inseparable dermaceuticals for the application.

The activated charcoal formula and bio-lifting factors contained in ALFA ACTIVE EYE MASK support the strong lifting effect.

Areas of application for all problems of the eye region:
wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, oedema, venous problems, loosened, atrophic, parchment-like skin

SKIN JET device methods for the treatment of the eye region

According to the method of Mrs. Dr. med. K. Komender the combination of special VPL-Massage, MesoQuantum® (non-invasive mesotherapy) and the respective photodynamic is applied in the practice.

The result:
The molecules of the new-age formula are effective deeper, faster, more efficient. After the first treatment positive reactions are instantly visible and also in a very pleasant way.

This method is only carried out by skilled practice personnel.