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SKIN JET Anti-Aging Formula


To help people solve all their problems quickly, effectively and most of all painlessly is the distinct premise of the renowned anti-aging expert Mrs. Dr. K. Komender and her team of experts. As a pioneer of many non-invasive anti-aging methods she is settled in her position as reliable and dependable partner world-wide.

With the integral high-tech protection program on the basis of the natural repair activation processes and a positive cell-shock-therapy (according to the method of Mrs. Dr. K. Komender) the respective problem is immediately targeted.

Her treatment motto: A healthy cell preservation and cell reconstruction is only possible with a multi-functional, synergetically and at the same time effective on the cells system.

SKIN JET is not only concerned with the “surface” of the skin but most of all with the interaction between body, mind and soul.

With the intensive effect of the trans-dermaceutical systems a lasting health & repair result is guaranteed.


“Your laughing eyes will make you younger,
Your laughing mouth will make you more interesting,
Your happy soul will make you fit, and
Your NEW SKIN will give you power and might
to discover NEW STRENGTH within yourself!”