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Anti-Aging & Bio-Lifting 2h

TRANSCELL® ALFA ACTIVE Serum, Creme, Mask, Peel


TRANSCELL® ALFA ACTIVE formula 2h, as new, patented Med.-Cult-Care for the youthfulness of your skin, is the extraordinary world innovation of the next generation. It takes up the remarkable results of tomorrow already today.

The background for the unique development of the new ALFA ACTIVE formula are the interesting stories of the grandfather of Dr. med. K. Komender, Winfried Karl Pavel von Gruschka. He told his granddaughter of the special healing powers of activated charcoal which had been applied on injured soldiers during both world wars.

The unique development of the new ALFA ACTIVE formula is based on the sensational “Two-in-One” technology from natural activated charcoal, anchored to the jet-effective 018-Conopeptide. This peptide is similar to the natural molecule of cone snail venom.

Due to this effect the facial features will be relaxed within 2h, without blocking the muscles. The formula, similar to the botulinum effect, should instantly eliminate signs of tiredness and tension. Therefore the skin might appear younger, refreshed, healthier, more firm, tighter, with strongly reduced wrinkles and distinctly improved skin structure. The oily, shiny complexion is eliminated.

Effectiveness of the new ALFA ACTIVE formula 2h

The concentrated, natural power of the ALFA ACTIVE formula generates within a short time (5 min.) a perfect pore cleansing & refining effect as well as biodynamic lifting with strong smoothening and tightening effects. As cell & lymph activator it accelerates the natural skin cell renewal as well as the collagen & elastin production.

The folded structure of the stable conopeptide reacts very intensively in the presynaptic system, wherefore in case of regular, daily application a long-term effect might be guaranteed.

Clinical studies prove a significant reduction in wrinkle depth already 2 hours after application.



TAA 3 Auge vorher               TAA 4 Auge nachher

 XEP™-018 before                                                                                    XEP™-018 2 h after

Health & Repair Results

Being a skin & lymph activator and effective new-age system with enhanced shine and firmness power with simultaneously soft, velvety, moist and cool skin sensation it has gained very great acceptance and an enormously high 98% end result satisfaction among customers.

The long-time treatment results with the TRANSCELL® ALFA ACTIVE system can be significantly increased and are bio-physically supported by the connection to the world-wide recognized, anchored in one another SKIN JET device methods.

Youthfulness is no longer a question of age!

The new ALFA ACTIVE formula makes the TRANSCELL® line one of the most modern, most jet-effective, multi-functional methods of the next Generation.

Deeper. Faster. More Efficient.
                                                           New facial features in 2 h.