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An unforgettable experience for him and her!


Is it possible to forget daily routine,
to let your thoughts fly,
only get positive impulses

and additionally store energy?

Yes, it is possible!



With the unique medical wellness methods developed by SKIN JET you will get the perceptible answers to all questions within a short time.

Your inside will be connected to the outside.

More than 20 developed application programs will be individually put together according to the customer’s desires and the specific problem.

According to the duration time of the programs (ranging from 1,5 up to 4 hours) your inner well-being, like all kinds of pain, disturbances in the functions of the organs, body deformations as well as skin damages will be considered and the respective health repair & relaxing factor will be applied.

The extraordinary and exclusive SKIN JET treatment methods stimulate your well-being, enhance the state of your body and improve your skin problems.

SKIN JET Medical Wellness MEGA Programs:

STEM JET® CELL Anti-Aging, Royal Treatment, Health VIP, The Best, Gold Power, Power for Men, Salt, Romantic, Hydro-Fix, Vita-Vit, Coral Dream for Golfers, Lunch Relax etc. (see sep. SPA & Medical Wellness catalogue).

SKIN JET Medical Wellness for the small practice

For institutes with only one cabin, without shower or bath tub, Mrs. Dr. K. Komender has developed ca. 3 – 4 especially activating, unique, beneficial programs.

All methods are taught in the Elite Health & Aesthetic Academy under the guidance of Mrs. Doz. Dr. K. Komender.