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The SKIN JET treatment concepts and products especially developed for the practice and home use support the bio-logical balance and stability of the skin as well as its function.

Mrs. Dr. K. Komender, as anti-pain expert, after long-year research has developed many treatment systems in order to restore in a natural way the balance of the cells as well as the bio-physio dynamic within tissue and organs.

Among the successful methods are:

Anti-pain therapy

Regardless of the area and kind of pain the multiple device SKIN JET method with VPL-Massage as well as MESO-QUANTUM® and the respective light therapy is applied. Supported by the product GELENK-RELAX-BALSAM there might instantly occur positive, pleasant, relaxing reactions. Even after the 1. treatment significant feelings of pain reduction might be registered. During the recommended therapy, like e. g. with the ABRAHYDRI® TRANS device (2 x per week), positive results might be perceived from treatment to treatment.

Open wounds

For this area SKIN JET offers the MesoCell method with additional blue light effect which is also suitable in the case of diabetics.

Women in menopause