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The new Med.-Cult-Care for the youthfulness of your skin and better self-identification with:

  • TRANSCELL® ALFA ACTIVE formula 2h – for anti-aging area
  • ALFA ACTIVE EYE 2h – for eye region area

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Mrs. Dr. med. K. Komender, owner of the company SKIN JET GmbH, is developer, producer and professional expert both in the medical and in the cosmetical area. She operates on the highest international level and already has been honoured with numerous awards.

With her newest, patented development, the ALFA ACTIVE formula, she has taken a leap ahead and once again proves that she deservedly belongs to the world pioneers in the field of non-invasive methods.

ALFA ACTIVE formula is the extraordinary world-wide next generation innovation. It takes up the remarkable results of tomorrow already today.

The motto of the spectacular method:

Deeper. Faster. More Efficient.
                                    New facial features in 2 h.

The background for the unique development of the new ALFA ACTIVE formula are the interesting stories of the grandfather of Dr. med. K. Komender, Winfried Karl Pavel von Gruschka. He told his granddaughter of the special healing powers of activated charcoal which had been applied on injured soldiers during both world wars.

On the basis of the positively effective natural substance of the activated charcoal the SKIN JET med. team has combined it with the revolutionary high-tech of the 018-molecule of the biomimetic conopeptide.

Both active substances are similarly effective like the natural molecule of cone snail venom and result within even 2 h in a reaction similar to botulinum, but without blocking the muscles.

The “Two-in-One” formula reacts pluripotently and belongs to the most jet-effective, most modern methods of the next generation.

On the one hand, the ALFA ACTIVE formula thoroughly cleanses the skin, absorbs chemical particles as well as toxic substances, removes dead skin cells like an abrasio, refines the pores, smoothens the skin and counteracts inflammatorily. On the other hand, it leaves behind strong biodynamic lifting effects similar to botulinum, therefore the musculature will appear relaxed within 2 h but without blocking the mimic muscles.

Youthfulness is no longer a question of age!

Numerous studies with new active forms by Dr. med. K. Komender have brought the new-age method to a high level of new cult-care.

A self-evaluation showed an enormously high customer acceptance and 98% optimal satisfaction.

For a detailed description of the method and the preparations please see the pages of the product lines TRANSCELL® ALFA ACTIVE and ALFA ACTIVE EYE.